shutterstock_226322596With the popularity of television programs touting the treasures “found in the attic” feeding the concerns that they might be missing something of value, family members or estate administrators want to be certain that they are choosing the right professionals to assist them in their estate settlement duties. Alan Frenkel has expertly assisted in hundreds of estate settlement auctions. Our team begins with the careful identification of every estate asset, determines the best potential buyers and then customizes the optimal promotional campaign to generate buyer’s interest in the item. Our methods provide the heirs with the confidence that their loved one’s life long collections are properly exposed to the market and that the method of sale is not only commercially acceptable but also the best option for responsibly liquidating the estate assets for the administrator.

Rinck-004In our estate auctions, we are very careful not to exclude any heirs or family members from being encouraged to participate in the live or online public auctions. We often find that families that have opted to utilize our services due to the often significant collections of art, furnishings or other items, have done so simply because of the efficiency of the process.